Day 6 – Ride to Desolation Sound

Temperatures warmed up significantly today as we dropped off of the coastal mountains and into flatter lands. Hope was 91 degrees when we arrived.

Similar transitions are found traveling to eastern Washington, Oregon and California.

Our day started with a latte from the Bakery. Woohoo!

The bakery is just steps from the Mile “0” marker for the Cariboo Wagon Road.

According to Wikipedia,

The town had its start as one of the main centres of the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush of 1858–59, during which it was reckoned to be “the largest town west of Chicago and north of San Francisco“…. Lillooeters still, however, consider their town to be “Mile 0” of the original Cariboo Wagon Road, and it is true that the numbered roadhouse names of the Cariboo district are measured from the bend in Main Street, where a cairn was erected to commemorate this fact.

Not yet through the same construction zone located just east of town I encountered last year on the last day of my 2018 Ride to the Dalton in Alaska, we stopped for the view of the Fraiser River Valley.

We continued on to Cache Creek for a quick fuel stop. The rest of the ride would be new roads for me!

We stopped for a quick lunch consisting of our sandwiches and yogurt at a vista point above Kamloops Lake.

Turning south onto Hwy 5A, our route took us away from most of the traffic and into some idyllic foothills. The road surfaces were good and the speed limited to 50mph in most places.

I rode ahead at one point, to get a shot of the rest of the group. 🙂

We stopped at a Starbucks in Merritt for a break. It was sunny and getting warmer.

I took the opportunity to fill my Camelbak with ice and water while we rested. I tried a number of new drinks on this trip during our afternoon stops but did stick with my latte in the mornings. I believe I had a mocha frappuccino on this day. Too hot for a hot drink.

We still had a ways to go before reaching Hope.

Our stops became shorter though it seemed just as frequent. We stopped for a bathroom break in Princeton, then continued on Hwy 3, heading west into the EC Manning Provincial Park. The views were stunning.

There, we stopped to check out Rhododendron Flats, a display of Pacific Rhodes’ inside the park. It reminded me a bit of the Arboretum near my house, but wilder.

Alas, it was too late for the blooms. 🙁

We reached the Campground sometime around 6pm.

I was tired and in need of a shower. After finishing that, I set up the tent in our river side campsite.

Dinner was at a local Korean restaurant, Kimchi Restaurant, about 10 minutes away from the camp entrance by foot.

This was our longest, farthest and hottest day. I needed a shower to reset and the delightful dinner we got was a bonus. By the time we returned, the temperature began to fall. It would be a warm but dry night – our last night together.

Note to self: start traveling with a deck of playing cards.

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