Day 4 – Ride to Desolation Sound

Day’s distance: 25 miles

Total trip distance: 465 miles

Temperatures were in the 60s with occasional cloud cover and a few light sprinkles.

This morning Harald and I rode the few miles remaining to reach Lund, BC, our turnaround point.

Lund is also known as the end (or start) of Hwy 101, the northern most point of the Sunshine Coast Highway.

We walked around the small town a bit before settling into chairs at Nancy’s Bakery, overlooking the marina.

I had a breakfast burrito with my latte. Both were very good. Afterwards, we headed back to our host’s house to get ready to go sailing.

So, in the early afternoon, all four of us headed down to the marina in Powell River. There were only light winds as we headed out.

They let me helm the boat on the way out.

We ended up motoring back after about an hour on the water.

After we returned, I was treated with a bit of a tour of Powell River, including a hike up Valentine Mountain Park …

for the view and a chance to take one more photo. 🙂

Tomorrow, all four of us head down the Sunshine Coast Highway and to Lilliooet for another night (or two) of camping while we explore some of the more scenic byways in British Columbia.

Note: As always, I will try to complete each day’s blog in a timely manner but I may not have access to the internet each night we are camping.

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