Day 4 – Trip to Beartooth Pass


Day’s distance: 406 miles (odometer)
Total trip distance: 1,453 miles

With temperatures in the 70s throughout the day, it was a pleasant ride from Bozeman to Spokane. The air was hazy around Missoula, but surprisingly clear afterwards.

At the recommendation of the folks at the motel, I rode to Grandma’s Gourmet Donuts to start my day. Located near the college campus, the shop was busy and smelled great. While waiting in line I noticed the sign indicating that they did not take credit cards. I used the last bit of cash on me the day before. I was bummed. I didn’t feel like finding a bank with an ATM and coming back, so I will have to visit again on my next trip to Bozeman.

My second stop was an independent coffee shop nearby, according to my GPS. Upon arrival, I discovered that shop looked like it was permanently closed! Some of the information on my Garmin is out of date, apparently. I’ll have to update the maps when I get home.

I chose a third coffeehouse to try. On my way, I passed a bagel shop and quickly pulled into the parking lot. The shop, called Bagelworks, has been open for 25 years. While they didn’t have espresso drinks, the bagel was tasty and hit the spot. I felt ready enough to ride now. 🙂

After stopping in Butte for my latte, and Missoula for lunch and fuel, I arrived in Spokane in the mid-afternoon. The rest of the day would be spent visiting Christopher and his companions, GoldieHawn and Rambo, who became best friends immediately.


We walked to the Manito Tap House nearby for dinner. They have excellent food and over 50 draft beers on tap. I had the Tap House Burger and sampled six (2.5 oz glasses) of the beers. Everything was quite yummy and I recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

Tomorrow I head back to Seattle. I might run into some showers if I arrive too late in the afternoon.  I will keep my rain gear handy.


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  1. Thanks for the visit and conversation as well as dinner! The fur-babies await your return as do I.

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