2018 Ride to the Dalton – Days 11/12

Weekend’s distance: 198 miles (odometer)
Total trip distance: 2,949 miles

Mid 50s to 60s with showers and sun breaks both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday morning was spent running errands. I stopped to get some cash and took the opportunity to wash some of the grime off the bike.


I passed this tiny taqueria on my way to the car wash. The grill was going and I knew I wanted to stop for lunch next. It was fantastic, perhaps the best tacos al pastor I’ve had since leaving San Jose in the 80s.


On my return to the hotel, I went through a pre-ride inspection and removed the top case for my ride to the Dalton Highway Sign. I would lighten my load as much as possible to maintain stability should I encounter bad roads.

Sunday morning I left to ride up to the Dalton Highway. This would be my final push north for this ride.


I reached my turnaround point today, the start of the Dalton Highway.


I reached it on the morning of my 60th birthday!

The roads followed the hills and were in fair to good shape.


It was raining off and on. The sun was behind me on the way north.

I came across a variety of road surfaces. Surprisingly, there were only a few potholes and the surface was mostly clear of loose gravel. There were a few short gravel sections and I came across only one construction crew working on resurfacing a bridge. The wait was brief in both directions.

The main issue with the roadway for me were the dips from frost heaves or erosion. I mitigated the impact of these by having shed the bike of my top case and some of the side case contents that weren’t needed.

When I say there were few potholes, that doesn’t mean there weren’t many, many repairs present.


I would see the pipeline now and then, traveling at a distance but parallel to my path.


The hills were generally gentle, for a motorcycle anyway. Here’s some more scenic shots.




And the furthest point north I’ll travel on this trip, perhaps ever.  It is at latitude 65.489347, according to google maps.



I completely spaced that I brought my 360 degree camera. Doh! You’ll have to settle for a few more photos of the intersection and my return to Fairbanks.







I’ll likely head out to a steak dinner, but I wanted to get this posted.

I’m certain I’ll have more to say about this day in my reflections after the trip, but for now I will say I live a charmed life.  🙂

Tomorrow I head to Denali to camp for a night. Then I head into Anchorage. Expect the next blog post then!


I had dinner at the Pump House Restaurant and Saloon. Great oysters on the half shell and Filet Mignon. Recommended.

4 thoughts

  1. Might be the ride of a lifetime? Congrats Keith, you did it and obviously loved it–good job and Happy Birthday.. I bet you are already thinking about your next adventure..

    1. I want to ride Baja to Cabo to extend my southern latitude personal bests (currently Key West). Not solo as I need a cultural bridge – a small group?

  2. Happy birthday Keith! Your ride is one I’ve thought of doing for many years. I’ve enjoyed being an armchair laptop traveler.

    1. Thanks, Len Bob! You should not put it off. So much of the forests I’ve seen are seriously impacted by the Pine Beetle parasite. It was hard to see.

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