2018 Ride to the Dalton – Day 3


Day’s distance: 253 miles (odometer)
Total trip distance: 777 miles

Sun and 65 degree temperatures started the day, while clouds and sprinkles moved in during the afternoon. It was sunny again in the evening here in Golden, BC.

Kaslo, a town just north of Ainsworth Hot Springs, was my first stop. I filled up with fuel and then stopped at Bluebelle Bistro for my morning latte and an amazing apple muffin. My server last night at the Ktunaxa Grill, Sydney, said she knew most of the folks in Kaslo from growing up there. I tested that and asked my Barista if she knew Sydney. “Oh, yeah, she’s my cousin. ”


Other than Ainsworth, my reason for coming through this part of BC was to ride Hwy 31A between Kaslo and New Denver.

route 31A closeup

This was a fun, twisty canyon road with a river alongside much of the route and snow-capped mountain peaks at each end providing a backdrop trying to distract one’s attention.

I arrived in New Denver and turned around, going almost all the way back to Kaslo to ride it again. Thanks, Al, for that suggestion!

I relied on my GoPro behind the windscreen to take photos for me while I rode. That was a test that unfortunately didn’t have a good outcome. In short, I don’t have any photos of this part of the ride.  🙁    Guess I’ll have to return some day.

I continued beyond New Denver to Nakusp and stopped at the Broadway Deli Cafe for a sandwich.


Next up was a short ferry ride across north Arrow Lake.

Motorcyclists used to get priority boarding (not that it mattered today), but that stopped a few years back after drivers complained.


Haze, humidity and clouds were rolling in so vistas were somewhat subdued.

There wasn’t much wind at this point, but a sailboat in Galena Bay was out doing its best.


The ferry ride was under 30 minutes and the road(s) from there to Revelstoke were not too interesting. It started to sprinkle, and the clouds seemed to follow me west for a while.

There was a lot of construction along Hwy 1 but traffic was never stopped as it was past 4pm and I think the crews had mostly completed there work for the day.

I arrived in Golden about 6:30pm, though for me it was really 5:30pm before the time change.

I checked in at the Rondo and cleaned up for dinner.


I ate at The Island, a local well-rated restaurant just a few blocks away. I sat outside and enjoyed the evening with a Duck salad and glass of wine.

It was a good day and I met a few bikers and locals. Everyone was super friendly.

Tomorrow I’ll cross the Canadian Rockies, traveling through Jasper. The weather is predicted to be rainy at times, so I might be testing my two layers of rain gear, for part of the day, anyway. Fingers crossed I don’t hit snow up in Jasper or Lake Louise (not predicted to be anywhere near that cold).

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