Reflections – 2018 Western Vistas Tour

Why did I change the name of the tour?

Mostly to avoid repeating names but also because it seemed vistas became the recurring theme, that thing I kept taking pictures of in hopes of sharing the grandeur.

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Grandeur and scale are what I seek in my rides. Forgotten and scenic byways provide gateways to the less traveled coast or mountain pass or desert plateau.

How far did I ride each day?

I always get asked this question. Here’s the daily breakdown of this 5,116 mile adventure.

mileage chart

Daily Average (days riding only): 285 miles
Daily Average (overall): 223 miles

On this trip, I spent a weekend in the Bay Area, including Santa Cruz, two days in Las Vegas and a weekend in Huntingdon Beach all off the bike.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 9.15.33 PMOver the 23 day long ride, the chart shows my three ‘stretch days’ were successively longer.

Tossing outliers both high and low, then excluding days off, there is an upward trend of longer days.

I see this pattern on my longer trips. As I travel, my ability to travel farther improves.

I ride while I am able to do so.

Traveling by airline these days is unpleasant, to say the least. And there is nothing more destination focused. Boo, hiss.

I travel by motorcycle, taking scenic byways across America, to see incredible scenery, meet other riders, and experience the journey richly as I’m literally in it.

Tragedy can strike at any time, so I ride while I’m able to do so. Thanks to all who reached out in support during this trip. Your comments mean a lot to me.

Special thanks to Will and Carson who keep their eyes on me daily while I’m on the road.

How did my gear choices work out?

I would have loved to have my tight fitting fleece vest with me for the cold wet days. I will definitely find it or source a new one before heading to Alaska.

I think I can pare down my electronic accessories. There are cords and connectors I haven’t used or are redundant.

Updates to my small trauma kit are in order. Replacing the worn phone case should be considered. A small pen-type tire pressure gauge I can keep in the glove box is needed.

A rain over-suit will be needed for the Alaska trip. Staying on schedule will be easier by staying dry and warm.



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