Day 20 – 2018 Western States Tour


Day’s distance: 117 miles
Total trip distance: 3,796 miles

The weather started out with some dark clouds and a prediction of showers along my route. I was pretty optimistic on reaching Sevier where there were blue skies and a short section of fast sweepers that made me smile.


However, on turning west on I-70, the skies opened up and the temperatures dropped to 37. It was pretty drastic and I stopped in Fillmore, which was the first opportunity to warm up.

I grabbed breakfast at a Burger King and drank a few cups of hot coffee with it.

I was evaluating my options for a day where I planned to ride 463 miles when I realized there was a Comfort Inn right next door. They allowed me the option to check in early (it was a little after 11am) and after seeing the weather improving all along the remaining route if I wait a day, I decided to take the rest of the day off.

I made use of my day by replacing the one burned-out low beam headlight (I have two) and creating a day-by-day itinerary for my June trip to Alaska.

For my Alaska trip, I think I would like to have all my hotels reserved and just do my best to stay on schedule during the entire trip. It is too risky to arrive in a small town in Alaska, northern British Columbia or Alberta without reservations at the beginning of the summer season.

Today is a good example of where the gear I brought with me fell short. For Alaska, I will want to augment my current riding suit with an old-school heavy duty 100% waterproof rain suit to keep me dry during most any rain storm and can be hosed off if it gets muddy. It would need to fit over my current riding gear, which fails in heavy rain, especially the pants.

I feel that to get all new gear before Alaska risks trashing it all if it is as muddy and messy as one might imagine.

I will also purchase either a tight fleece vest for between my base layer and the jacket liner or get a heated vest. Probably the former because I can see myself repeatedly trying to walk away from my bike still plugged in. How embarrassing would that be?

Yes, there are battery operated vests. I do believe that is what Carson uses. But knowing me, I would forget to charge it the night before I needed it or not be able to recharge it because I’m camping that night. Doh!

For those interested in my Alaska plans, I will be creating a trip planning post next week after I return home. There are a few details still being worked out.


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