Day 7 – 2018 Western States Tour

Day 7 route

Day’s distance: 80 miles (odometer)
Total trip distance: 1,065 miles

Today was a short ride to the coastal town of Santa Cruz where I lived off and on for a total of about six years before moving to Seattle for more fulfilling work opportunities. It was cool, in the 50s and cloudy through my ride but cleared up as I reached town.

West Cliff Drive, in Santa Cruz, follows the coastline from Natural Bridges to the Boardwalk area. It is one of my favorite walking paths.


That particular photo was just a block from where I lived at one point. It was a beach I spent a lot of time on.

My former housemate Scott and I walked to the Soanes Winery to visit the owner Michael, another former housemate.

IMG_0466 low res

Observant readers will see my motorcycle in that picture. It was from a previous trip, but the winery is in the same place. LOL

We just missed Michael so we continued our walk to visit another former housemate/former mathematics professor of mine and his wife, Brad and Nancy.

Returning home we made a meal and enjoyed catching up. Finally about 9pm, another former housemate showed up. I know, a lot of former housemates but you have to realize I lived in shared housing situations all of my time in Santa Cruz.

Some past photos of this area are posted below.

IMG_0464 low res

IMG_0446 low res

IMG_0472 low res

IMG_0476 low res

Monday I’ll head to Bakersfield to set up my ride through Death Valley on Tuesday.

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