2018 Western States Tour – Avg Temps

I plan to ride through nine states on this tour.

2018 Western Tour - States visited
2018 Western States Tour (diymaps.net)

And, it is my intention to do some camping. While temperatures during the day should be comfortable, nighttime temperatures will get cold in some of the areas I’ll be traveling through.

Apr:May avg temps US
weather.com data

I’ll be along the coast and in the Southwest through the end of April. Then I head up through Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Idaho in early May. Looks like I will run into lows in the 30’s.

My current sleeping bag, the Nemo Rhythm, is rated at 25 degrees. I add a mid-layer to my upper body along with a long base-layer and socks to remain warm at night when temperatures drop down below 40 degrees.

While there is no need to be particularly stubborn about camping on this trip if it is too cold, a warmer sleeping bag would also come in handy for my trip to Alaska in June, where I will easily encounter lows in the 30s.

My favorite warmer bag at the moment is from REI, the Magma 10.

I’ll let you all know what I decide.

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