Flat Rear Tire

I woke up to a warm day here in Seattle. While it rained through the night, there was a chance to ride to breakfast in Fall City in little to no rain and temperatures in the 60’s. I showered and put on my riding gear only to find during my pre-ride inspection that the rear tire was flat.

I couldn’t find any nails so I filled the tire with air to see if I could hear a leak. Nothing. It was 10am so I called my local dealer and they said to bring it in and they’d take a look. Turned out they found the remnants of a nail whose head had been worn off. A new tire would be needed.

The 5-year tire and wheel protection plan (a Safe-Guard product) I purchased for the bike was still in effect and covered the cost of the new Pilot Road 4 GT tire, as well as balancing and mounting.

This was the second time I used the plan. Readers might remember I damaged the front wheel and rim on Day 51 of my 2015 Southern States Tour.  I am grateful that neither incident was a bigger deal and thankful I purchased the plan, lowering the stress involved both times.

Thanks to the service team at the shop here in Seattle, I was on my way to breakfast by noon. Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

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