Sunrise Road, Mount Rainier

Here are a few photos from my Saturday trip to Sunrise Park Road, inside Mount Rainier National Park. These were taken during a brief visit to Sunrise Visitors Center.

Sunny skies and warm temperatures made the ride pleasant.

Mount Rainier from Sunrise Road
Mount Rainier
Sunrise Visitors Center, Mount Rainier

Many people and lots of cars made this Saturday’s visit less special than past visits.


Follow this link to see more photos of Sunrise Road taken during an Oct 6, 2014 trip.

After visiting Sunrise Visitors Center, I rode towards Windy Ridge Viewpoint to see Mount St. Helens. I rode 20 miles of the 36 mile trip south from Randle, WA, first on Hwy 113 and then south on NFD-25 to the turnoff to the viewpoint …

Windy Ridge road from Randle

and found the gates to the viewpoint closed 🙁


I was bummed! Apparently the park service will open the road in about a week.

I hung out and ate the lunch I brought in a parking lot near the gate. There I met other riders, and spent some time enjoying the fresh air before heading back home to Seattle.

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    1. Ha ha, Al. One of the bikers said the dirt road off the other side of the parking lot went up to the road. It looked rough and steep for my RT. I guess GS riders think differently (in a good way).

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