My next motorcycle?

2016 K1600GT white.png

This is the 2016 BMW K1600GT. I’m currently looking to test ride one to see if my expectations of a smoother, more stable machine at interstate speeds are met while the bike is still easy enough to manage in both the twisties and the parking lot.

The bike, an inline six cylinder, is about 150 pounds heavier than my RT, weighing in at 732 fueled and ready to go. This bike introduces an improved anti-lock braking system over the one I have, fly-by-wire throttle control, flashing brake lights. I would add the safety package consisting of Xenon adaptive headlight, dynamic traction control, tire pressure monitoring, auxiliary lighting, and a few other options (ie GPS).

I believe the color options are Premium Light White, Black Storm Metallic and Special Cosmic Blue. But, I don’t like the blue, so that leaves the white and the black. I’m inclined to the white at this point, mostly because it can be seen better at night. The fact that it resembles a police bike doesn’t hurt either.


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