Northern States Tour – Route Updates

I have updated the routes between Virginia Beach and Sioux City, covering the remaining states (excluding HI).


There are no days off planned during this seven day period, but also no weather that is predicted to preclude riding. Distances are moderate with no days over 300 miles and two days under 200 miles. There is a planned day off in Sioux City to hang out with my friend Charles, who is meeting me there.

[Thursday, 9/22] Day 25 – 290 miles – Virginia Beach to Willville Motorcycle Camp

Traffic may be an issue getting out of Virginia Beach. I’ll try to get an earlier start. The weather may be slightly wet at times with t-showers late in the afternoon at my destination. Bunk room is likely available, if needed, at Willville.

[Friday, 9/23] Day 26 – 240 miles – Willville to Huntington, WV

Should be sunny, and very warm. Camping options are plentiful with a state park and two KOA campgrounds right off my planned route.

[Saturday, 9/24] Day 27 – 276 miles – Huntington to Georgetown, KY via Bainbridge, OH

Should be sunny and very warm. Motel is probably a good option here. Route can be shortened, if needed.

[Sunday, 9/25] Day 28 – 188 miles – Georgetown to Bloomington, IN

Partly cloudy and warm

[Monday, 9/26] Day 29 – 234 miles – Bloomington to Pekin, IL

Weather TBD

[Tuesday, 9/27] Day 30 – 269 miles – Pekin to Des Moines, IA

Weather TBD

[Wednesday, 9/28] Day 31 – 198 miles – Des Moines to Sioux City, IA

Weather TBD

[Thursday, 9/29] Day 32 – OFF

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    1. It is hard for me to tell how congested it is still (this time of year) as it was a stormy couple of mid-week days, which may have reduced the number of people around. But there seemed to be reasonable availability in the hotel i stayed at, so maybe not too congested.

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