Northern States Tour – Day 3

NST Day 3 Map

Day’s distance: 194 miles
Total trip distance so far: 891 miles

I took my time this morning. By the time I was done playing with “Chief”, the Silverado Motel’s labrador retriever, topped off the oil, put some air in the front tire, filled the tank, and stopped for a latte, it was already 60 degrees. The highest temperature was 85. The skies were partly cloudy but with a haze to the air that comes through in the photos.

The trip down Hwy 93 was uneventful, but fast and I was in Whitefish quickly. I took Hwy 40 east to meet back up with Hwy 2. I think it was shortly after noon when I passed through the park gates.


Traveling from the West Glacier entrance, you come first to Lake McDonald.


While at the lake, I grabbed the Samsung 360 and took a 360 degree photo. WordPress doesn’t have the ability to post 360 photos here, so I have to post them to the Steelhorsejourneys’ Facebook page. You’ll also find a 180 degree photo of Glacier.




Logan Pass Visitors Center
Going-To-The-Sun Mountain
Saint Mary Lake (looking east)

This was my third trip to Glacier in three years. See more (and better) photos from both my 2014 Trip to Glacier and my 2015 Trip to Glacier.

After exiting the park at Saint Mary, I stopped for a sandwich and some water. I met Mark and Lee, who just finished a six day hike through parts of the park. They’re from New Orleans.

It was getting late in the afternoon, and I wanted to get to Cut Bank and figure out where I was going to stay. I forgot how good Hwy 89 is. Lots of fun twisties and the road surfaces are very good. The 70 mph speed limits help, too!

The only potential trouble is the cattle that roam the roadway. The first one I saw was in a relatively deep ditch next to the road. I first thought it was a bear. I laughed after I recognized it for what it was and shared the experience with some other bikers at the motel I landed in for the night. They had been on the same road and knew exactly what I was talking about. The bikers, three couples, were from Pennsylvania. They were headed to Vancouver, then down the coast to San Francisco.

Another great day on the road. I live a charmed life, for sure.

PS – I heard back from the service manager at Country Rode Motowerks. They’re unable to schedule my 48,000 mile service. I put in a service request to Max BMW in Troy, NY tonight. Let’s see if they can accommodate my request. Depending on when I can get the service performed, I may have to skip Fairport (too early to tell for sure, Lynda).

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  1. Geez- how much notice do people need. Ok. Keep me posted, if you’d like. Will be here except 9/12-15. Enjoy. Ride on!

    1. I know. I was thinking that two weeks notice (almost) would be enough for the end of the summer, but apparently one of the mechanics is out and that throws off the whole shop. Oh well. I’ll keep you informed.

  2. So relaxing to read your blog after a day of remodeling hell. My mind immediately went to a better place looking at your photos and imagining you on the open road. And the cattle really should get legal and wear yellow fluorescent vests if they’re on the road.

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