Safety vest replaced

Pretty soon after purchasing my motorcycle in 2013, I purchased an all-black BMW riding suit. Shortly after that, I purchased a hi-viz safety vest to wear over the all-black suit to increase my visibility. I almost always used the vest while riding and now consider it mandatory equipment for myself.

Well, three years later, the vest has faded and accumulated a great deal of road grime (see below). I decided to replace it before departing on the Northern States Tour.

My new safety vest arrived today.

The Pilot Vanguard Air Vest is made of a combination of textile (sides) and mesh material (the hi-viz sections) so it should breathe well and be suitable for year-round use. The stitching and materials of the new vest look excellent and I expect that the two year warranty will not be needed (though it is nice to have).

While I purchased it from Amazon, Pilot provides free two-day shipping and one free exchange (if the size isn’t correct) for the same price ($65).


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