The 2016 Northern States Tour

The Northern States Tour is on for 2016!

It’s official! For the third consecutive year, I will get an opportunity to embark on an extended motorcycle adventure. I leave on August 21st, four weeks from today.

This trip will take me east along the Canadian border, between the Great Lakes, and through the Northeastern states. On my return, I will visit each of the northern Atlantic Coast states and then travel west across the middle of the country.

Northern States Tour - Zeemaps
2016 Northern States Tour

The details of my tentative six-week route can be found here.

Why this route? Long time readers will be familiar with my personal goal of riding all 50 states on a motorcycle. The 2014 Western States Tour, the 2015 Southern States Tour, and the 2015 Trip to Hyder (Alaska) covered the states shown in blue (below). This route will cover those in yellow  (except Hawaii).

States visited

During the next four weeks, I will have to finish my preparation. More on that in the next post.

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