Map of BMW Dealers in the US & Canada

Given the Northern States Tour is over 10,000 miles, and the service interval for the R1200RT is 6,000 miles, I will need at least one service while I travel, but probably two.

Although all of these are already programmed into my GPS unit, this interactive map is super useful for planning purposes. As my departure date gets closer, I’ll determine where I will likely be when I hit 48,000 miles on the odometer and reach out to that dealer to make a service appointment. Same goes if I’m still on the road when I hit 54,000 miles.

As it stands now, I have placed two days on the schedule for service in Fairport, NY. If I ride more than 1,000 miles between now and when I start the tour (likely), I will have to plan to stop earlier in the tour.

In any case, I’ll still be riding through Fairport 🙂

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