New Sidecase Liners

I recently purchased new liners for my side cases. This set is from RKA, a luggage maker in the US. I wasn’t happy over the long term with the previous liners – the zippers failed.

The package arrived today. IMG_1327

When I initially opened it, it appeared that the company only shipped one of the two liners. I reviewed the listing on the Amazon website and eventually figured out that the second liner was shipped inside the first.  🙂

The new cases seemed well built. I will use them for a few rides or, hopefully years, and review their performance.

One design difference is that the new cases zipper open along one side of the liner and pack like a suitcase. The old set opened down the middle and were packed from the top, more like a gym bag. I will include my preferences in that regard in the future review.



Next is a new tank bag. It is in route and should arrive next week.

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