360° View of a NW200 practice lap

I have added this video to my Featured Videos playlist, found under the Videos tab.

The North West 200 is a motorcycle race held on a publics roads course in Northern Ireland. Here is more information about the history of this event.

This is the first 360° video in any of my playlists. If you haven’t watched one before, you can use the semi-transparent gray control arrows in the upper lefthand corner of the screen to look to the side or behind, or up for that matter, providing you with a 360° view.

If you happen to own an android phone and have a Google Cardboard or compatible VR viewing device, load the Youtube Android app and watch this with headphones on.

Of course, the video has to also be about motorcycling and who can resist getting a sense of what 200 mph might feel like on two wheels 🙂

If you’re curious, I have never approached or thought about approaching those speeds myself.

It may be of interest to readers who know me that I recently accepted a position at another startup here in Seattle, one working in virtual reality. Visit my About page for more details.

Yes, this is does reduce the chances of me completing the Northern States Tour in 2016 🙁

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