Flooding near Eureka Springs, AR

The Beaver Bridge is located on Hwy 187 near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Some local riders escorted me over this cool bridge on Day 52 of my Southern States Tour.

I spotted some photos taken yesterday by David Routon on Facebook. The White River is quite full, as you can see.

Beaver Bridge
Photo by David Routon
Beaver Bridge 2
Photo by David Routon

Here is the video I took from early this summer as I rode over the bridge. I was told the river was swollen just prior to my visit, as well.

According to wikipedia, the Beaver Bridge in Beaver, Arkansas is a historic suspension bridge carrying Arkansas Highway 187 over theWhite River at Table Rock Lake. Built in 1949 by the Pioneer Construction Company, the structure is the only suspension bridge open to traffic in Arkansas.

I imagine this bridge has taken its share of abuse from the White River.

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