2015 Southern States Tour

The longest and farthest trip I’ve taken, this tour started April 13th, 2015 and finished on June 16th, a total of 65 days.

I rode solo south into Oregon and California, along the coast with some inland detours. From San Diego, I headed east staying close to the border of Mexico then spending time in Texas Hill Country before heading to the Gulf.

SST States of the US map
States Visited

From Texas I followed the Gulf to Key West where I spent a week off the bike visiting with old friends and meeting new ones.

Key West was my turnaround point and I headed up the Atlantic Coast states as the beginning of an exploration of the southern states and the great motorcycle roads found there.

Some of the well known motorycle roads ridden included Tail of the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, and the Blue Ridge and Nachez Trace Parkways.

During the tour, I traveled 12,566 miles, visiting places I have never seen, visiting friends I knew from Seattle and making some new friends along the way. It was an amazing experience, to say the least.

Easily read the entire adventure from start to finish. You’ll find the story under the Adventures page above or go there now.

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