Southern States Tour – Day 43

Day 43 Route
Day 43 Route

The day was close to ideal, with temperatures in the mid 70’s and the skies partly cloudy.

Day’s distance: 266 miles
Total trip distance: 7,860 miles

I left Willville this morning at 7am. I will miss this campground and the other riders I met here over the last three days. 🙁 I highly recommend staying here if you’re in the area and the weather is appropriate for camping.

I spent most of the day on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Originally called the Appalachian Scenic Highway, according to a wikipedia article, the two lane road is in overall great shape with largely gentle twists and turns. The speed limit along most of the parkway is 45mph and fines are reportedly steep for speeding, so I just settled in a took my time.

There was little traffic until later in the day as I approached Asheville. As it was Memorial Day, I was surprised and delighted and really enjoyed this most scenic roadway.

Below is a slide show of my favorite photos from the day. Be warned, the files will take a bit of time to download. I will redo the slides on a later day.

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I used I-40 to get to Waynesville from the Parkway. It was already past 3pm and since I’d be in the area only one day, I wanted to spend a few extra hours with my friends than more time today on the Parkway.

Former Seattle neighbors live in Waynesville and agreed to put me up for the night. It had been about six years since they’ve lived in Seattle and they recently purchased this house. I deeply appreciated the comfort of the bed after camping for three days straight, the longest stretch of camping I’ve done on any motorcycle trip.

We ate dinner in town at The Sweet Onion. I had a delicious steak and some nice wine. Thanks to my hosts for treating 🙂

The weather is predicted to turn rainy tomorrow. Let’s hope for the best.

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