Southern States Tour – Day 38

Day 38 Route
Day 38 Route

Up until about 5pm, the weather was typical of the last week in the Keys. That means mostly sunny, highs on the road up to 90. About 5pm, I encountered storm clouds followed by thunderstorms and a brief downpour.

Day’s distance: 257 miles
Total trip distance: 6,759 miles

My objective today was to get an early start and get to Cape Canaveral about noon. The route I chose was I-95 most of the way. Usually, I try to avoid highways while on my trips but the traffic congestion around this part of Florida is pretty bad, so I’m using freeways to get to my destinations.

I did get out of the motel before 8am, topping off the tank and putting air in the tires before getting on the freeway. On my way to the Cape, I detoured to a Starbucks for a latte and one of their sausage egg sandwiches. With one more short break, I arrived at the Cape just after noon.

This was my first visit ever, and folks there suggested I start with a bus tour. Today the buses were taking visitors to the Apollo / Saturn V Center. On our way there, we past by the Vehicle Assembly Building.


Arriving at the Center, we waited to enter a series of exhibits, each lasting about 10 minutes or so. The first provided some history of the Apollo program.

First Exhibit Room at the Apollo / Saturn V Center
First Exhibit Room at the Apollo / Saturn V Center

The second exhibit used the actual equipment from launch control for Apollo VIII.

Apollo VIII Control Room Exhibit
Apollo VIII Control Room Exhibit
Apollo VIII Control Room Exhibit
Apollo VIII Control Room Exhibit

After the second exhibit, you enter the big hall where there is a Saturn V rocket exhibited horizontally.




Near the rocket was one of the Apollo Astronaut Vans


In the same building was a Lunar Presentation and Exhibit


When I was done, I boarded a bus back to the main visitor’s area. They drop you off at in front of the Atlantis Center. This was another presentation and exhibits combination. Seeing the Atlantis was the highlight, for me.

I decided to watch one IMAX movie and then head to my motel in Daytona Beach.

Storm clouds formed about the time I left.


When I stopped for gas, I checked my weather radar app and it showed some rain coming.


I made it part way to Daytona Beach before pulling into a rest area to wait out the storm. It was a good thunderstorm, with lightning, thunder, heavy rain, and winds.

But 30 minutes later, I took off and made it to my hotel in time for a beautiful sunset.


It was a good day, full of discovery with a side order of rainy adventure 🙂

Until tomorrow.

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