Southern States Tour – Day 30

Today was the first day just hanging out in Key West. I’m staying with friends at their place very close to Duval Street for about a week.

The first thing we did was rent a bicycle for me to use to get around this end of the island. It cost under $60 per week and is really the optimal way to get around. It comes with lights and a lock and with it you can avoid the hassle of finding a place to park.

Andy was on his bike so together we did a quick orientation around the lower end of the island. We stopped for lattes and egg sandwiches at Old Town Bakery, and had some breakfast sweets put in a bag for later. We then rode around, Andy playing tour guide, me getting a sense of where things are for later exploration.

We rode past the harbor.


to the Little White House

Truman White House
Little White House

Riding down Duval street to the other side of the island, I walked out on the pier at the Southernmost beach,

The Southern Most Beach
The Southern Most Beach

and then we made our way back home to hang out by the saltwater pool.


I feel that I have to keep saying it, I live a charmed life 🙂

After relaxing and swimming, and walking out to the sandbars in the Gulf, I washed the collection of bugs and road grime off the bike.


This has to be the most scenic car wash area in the Keys !!


The afternoon passed by quickly and it was soon time for dinner. We gathered and rode the bikes down Duval Street (the opposite way this time) …

Duval Street, Key West
Duval Street, Key West

to our destination, Keyviche, one of Key West’s newer seafood restaurants. I had a ceviche sampler with three different sauces; yellow pepper, riccoto pepper aioli, and an aji lime pepper, the latter being my favorite.

We then made it back to the harbor for sunset, where street performers gather each evening to entertain.


The sunset was beautiful, more so than this photo could capture.


We rode home and soon called it just another day in paradise.

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