Southern States Tour – Day 13

Day 13
Day 13

The weather was cloudy with temperatures in the mid-60’s. It was misty at time.

Day’s distance: 0 miles
Total trip distance: 2,012 miles

I hung out with my hosts today. We had a Vietnamese lunch at Dat Thanh in Westminster (recommended), some wonderful English cheeses along with a Sones Cellars wine for an afternoon snack, and finally a visit to the pool and hot tub. After a nap, we drove into Hollywood to see ‘Avenue Q’ at the Cupcake Theater.

Hollywood, CA
Hollywood, CA

Planning days off the bike is important to me. I try to schedule one day off each week, sometimes a full weekend. It helps reset my body and mind to continue the journey, resulting in lower overall stress levels, more patience to manage the inevitable challenges, and a little more energy on the days I do ride.

The weather is going to be sunnier tomorrow. The skies were clearing up this evening.


Tomorrow’s destination is San Diego to visit my former housemate.

I leave you with a short slide show of this trip’s accidental selfies using the GoPro. 🙂

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