Southern States Tour – Day 7

Day 7 - More hanging out in Santa Cruz
Day 7 – More hanging out in Santa Cruz

This morning was overcast and chilly, with temperatures in the mid 50’s. The overcast burned off eventually and the temperatures rose to the mid 60’s. The wind picked up in the afternoon, making it chilly to be sitting outside.

I mostly rested today. I did make it to Tacos Moreno for lunch. This was one of my regularly visited taquerias when I lived in Santa Cruz. I also rode along in a car to visit a nusery in Ben Lomond and another closer to town. The only trip-related task on my to-do list was to clean the motorcycle. I finally got around to doing that about 4pm.


After I returned, several of my host’s neighbors came over and we had some beers and a little whiskey before dinner.

I look forward to continuing my trip tomorrow, when I travel down the coast through Big Sur.

Until tomorrow …


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