Route to Key West – Week 2 Changes

Original plans called for getting my Level II service performed in Santa Cruz. However, the dealer is actually in Watsonville and not very convenient. So instead, I am scheduling Level II service to be performed at BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County. This service takes 4 to 5 hours and I’ve made some changes to accommodate a half-day for service .

(Tue) Day 9 – Morro Bay to Newberry Park
232 miles with diversion east of Sierra Padres National Forest
(Wed) Day 10 – Newberry Park to Palmdale
99 miles with diversion through the mountains north of Valencia after service
(Thu) Day 11 – Palmdale to Beaumont
239 miles through the Angeles and San Bernardino Mountains
(Fri) Day 12 – Beaumont to Huntingdon Beach
139 miles through the San Jacinto and Santa Ana Mountains

I still arrive in Huntington Beach on Friday to visit friends for the weekend. I’m skipping Palm Springs and Borrego Springs so the total mileage is lower for the week.

Again, I will be camping where possible, and so the destinations listed here may change.

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