National and State Park Passes

These two passes came in very handy last year and more than paid for themselves, so I have renewed both.

National and State Park Passes
National and State Park Passes

The National Park pass I purchased (the Annual Pass) is $80 and grants you free access to National Parks as well as BLM, FWS, Reclamation and FS lands that charge entrance or standard amenity fees. A bonus feature for motorcyclists traveling together: the pass allows two motorcycles free access if the two drivers sign the pass and arrive at the same time. I used this feature last year on my Glacier Park Tour.

The Discover Pass, the name for the Washington’s State Park Pass, is $30 and allows free entrance to state parks. This pass can be used for two vehicles, but only for one at a time. So motorcyclists can put their bike’s license plate designation along with their car’s (for when friends or family come and you have to take the car).


(1) For older riders, the National Park Pass variation called the Senior Pass, is only $10 and never expires! Available to those 62 or older.

(2) The National Park Passes are only available to permanent residents and citizens 🙁

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