A Nice Sunday = Another Day Ride

Seattle to Westport Loop

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Distance: 291 miles
Time to complete: 8+ hrs

My regular riding partner Will and I traveled to the coast this last Sunday. Since it is winter, I planned a route that could be shortened if either of us found it to be too cold. The temperatures ranged from mid 30’s at 9am to the low 50’s. The ride started in some heavier than usual fog (fog this heavy is not common in Seattle).

The route takes I-5 south from Seattle to Hwy 6 and west to Raymond. Then we follow the coast along Hwy 105 to Aberdeen, then return to Seattle via the Bremerton ferry. Hwy 6 and 105 are well maintained, non-technical two lane roads passing through small communities like Pe Ell, Tokeland, Grayland, and Westport. We stopped at Evey’s Cafe in Pe Ell for breakfast. This is my second visit to Evey’s – I like it !! Breakfast served until 11am.IMG_2097

The fog burned off before 11am and it was sunny along the coast. We saw only two other motorcycles while riding along Hwy 105. They were headed south and both riders waved as they passed. For readers that don’t ride, it is common (and expected) to acknowledge other bikers, though bikers tend to ignore those on scooters / mopeds.

Grays Harbor Lighthouse

Westport is home to Grays Harbor lighthouse, Washington’s tallest at 107 feet. It was first lit in 1891. Tours are available, though I haven’t taken one. More info on the lighthouse is available here.

With a stop for breakfast, fuel, and some photos, we arrived in Bremerton about 7 hours after leaving Seattle. The ferry back takes about an hour and it was an opportunity to grab some hot cocoa and warm up. It was dark when we arrived downtown and the Seahawks just finished beating the 49’s, continuing their drive to the playoffs.

It was a great ride and a good winter day.

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