Day Ride to Mt. Rainier Photoset

I rode up to Mt Rainier today. Specifically, I rode up Sunrise Road to the Sunrise Visitor’s Center.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 7.07.54 PM

The trip there and back was 220 miles. With a quick fuel stop and my first egg nog latte of the season in Enumclaw on the way to the mountain, and a quick lunch stop on the way home, the trip took six hours. The weather was warm (low 70’s at the summit) and the air was clear.

All the services at the 6400 foot peak are closed and boarded up for the winter, which made the lodge and the visitor’s center look a bit abandoned. I understand why they are closed but when they put plywood over the windows, it is a little disheartening, so I avoided taking pictures of them. I guess I only wanted sun, sky, mountains, and of course my motorcycle in the photos today 🙂

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The route I traveled, heading east on I-90, south on Hwy 18, and then to Enumclaw via Hwy 169 was a very quick and pleasant alternative to past routes to Enumclaw. I usually plan loops, but today returned to Seattle along the same route.

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