Reflections on the Summer Season

[Originally posted  with “2014 Trip to Crater Lake” now found under “Completed Adventures”]

In many ways the 2014 Trip to Crater Lake ride feels like it marked the end of summer for 2014.  It was in May that the bike received its 6,000 mile service and I’ve scheduled an 18,000 service for later this month.  While I ride throughout the year, this has been a remarkable summer of riding.

My comfort on the bike and the comfort I feel handling the bike on challenging roads, during inclement weather, and in heavy and/or fast moving traffic have improved significantly this year. While I still frequently allow cars and other motorcycles to pass me, I have passed a few slower moving vehicles myself. I am trusting my tires more and leaning farther into turns, as evidenced by the wider wear pattern on this set of tires than my original. I know what to pack for a trip and I have the cases necessary. I have taken trips that were longer and farther than a majority of bikers.

I’ve met some great folks on the road. I’m certain I will ride with many of them again. I really like the community of bikers I’ve encountered during my trips. Blogging my adventures, new to me this year, has helped me create a record of these trips that reflects my personality and provides a base for connecting to others.  As the execution of each trip becomes somewhat more routine and less overwhelming, I’m beginning to share more personal aspects.

Being in the moment, experiencing new places, and putting myself out there by traveling alone have all added to my quality of life.

In the coming year, I want to continue to travel but also take some additional training with the goal of improving my skills and safety on the bike. I will review the gear I’ve purchased to date and see what is working and what needs replacing. Finally, I will likely plan to attend a (smaller) rally to really expand my sense of community.

I’ve said it before but it is worth repeating – I live a charmed life. 🙂

Ride safe, everyone !

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  1. Keith,
    It was great running into you at the rest stop just after Redmond, OR (We’re the couple from Nevada on the Harley’s ) talked about our college kids 🙂
    Thanks for telling me about your blog !!! Great trips, hopefully we’ll get to do some more and run into you again sometime. Remember Street Vibrations Reno, September 26-28 if you get down this way.
    Ride Safe!!!

  2. Hi Carrie,

    Glad you made it home safely! Hope you enjoy the blog.

    The timing doesn’t work out this year for SV Reno 🙁 but thanks for the suggestion !! I want to do at least one rally in the next year.

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